Nov 302011

I decided to try making Kiku-kara II from the Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I on a kumihimo disk. I was inspired to try this after Elliott Evans said that it was similar to Kyo Kara Gumi in “Essence of Japanese Braiding” (which I don’t have), and that he thought Kyo Kara Gumi would work on a disk. You can see what he has made on a marudai in his blog: particularly More Silk Braids and More Kyo Kara braid.

Kara Kumi braid on a kumihimo disk

When I first looked at Kiku Kara II, I thought “no way on a disk”, but this is the result so far. The moves are not so bad as they look – a lot of the criss-crossing starts from the outside, so you don’t need to add extra disk moves to make space to move threads into, which is probably one of the hardest parts on a disk. At least for me as I feel like I am not achieving anything during them.

I am not happy with the tensioning so far, and the braid is uneven. I may try doing this on a marudai and seeing if this makes it any easier to get it right on a disk.

If anyone has any tips…?

Nov 042011