Oct 102011

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently using a kumihimo disk instead of a marudai.

It’s reminded me how much nicer the marudai is to use, although I did enjoy being able to braid in the spectator gallery of the local swimming pool. I don’t fancy trying that on a marudai!!

We’ve recently started putting instructions for making Marudai Painter braids on a kumihimo disk as well as a marudai. I’ve not seen instructions for these braids, so I’m working out what I think they ought to be and testing them before putting them on the site. Because the threads sit in slots on a disk, you have to take them out and put them in different slots so that there are gaps in the right places. With a marudai, you can usually squeeze the threads where you want them, or gently slide your threads to one side to make space. Far easier.

As well as working out instructions, I have been making videos for some of the braids. I felt this was particularly useful for Shippo, as it is difficult to describe pushing parts of the braid together and easier to demonstrate it. The video process has been quite time consuming and I’m not going to do one for every braid. I end up undoing and redoing the braid several times so that I can make sure the threads are all in the right starting positions. And for someone who does not like listening to her own voice, working on the soundtracks isn’t much fun either.

I hope you’ve found the videos I’ve made useful, and if there’s a braid you’d particularly like a video for, let me know.


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