Nov 302011

I decided to try making Kiku-kara II from the Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I on a kumihimo disk. I was inspired to try this after Elliott Evans said that it was similar to Kyo Kara Gumi in “Essence of Japanese Braiding” (which I don’t have), and that he thought Kyo Kara Gumi would work on a disk. You can see what he has made on a marudai in his blog: particularly More Silk Braids and More Kyo Kara braid.

Kara Kumi braid on a kumihimo disk

When I first looked at Kiku Kara II, I thought “no way on a disk”, but this is the result so far. The moves are not so bad as they look – a lot of the criss-crossing starts from the outside, so you don’t need to add extra disk moves to make space to move threads into, which is probably one of the hardest parts on a disk. At least for me as I feel like I am not achieving anything during them.

I am not happy with the tensioning so far, and the braid is uneven. I may try doing this on a marudai and seeing if this makes it any easier to get it right on a disk.

If anyone has any tips…?

  2 Responses to ““Chrysanthemum” Braids”

  1. Dear Su, just found your post, probably by now you have tried it on the marudai but if not, do have a go: kiku-gumi is one of those braids where it is particularly important to keep the tension even on the different threads, and it’s almost impossible to keep that many threads under even tension on a disk (though your braid looks pretty good). Going to have a look at some of your other work now, what a fascinating blog.

    • Hi Diane
      Thank you for your kind words. I have had soooo many things on the go, that I still haven’t tried the braid on my marudai. I can’t believe that it is over a year that I wrote that! Something I would like to try is doing different thread counts (I have seen 16 and 24 in Comprehensive Treatise, but I am sure it would work with other multiples of 8).

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