Nov 042011

One of the things we do before making a new braid available on Marudai Painter is choose a pattern that we hope looks nice to others, and gives an idea of the possibilities of the the braid in a small space. Often we have several ideas, but don’t keep track of the others once we have made our choice.

With “hollow 16”, we had fixed on a pattern for a while, but decided to change it when we realised it was the same as one in Creative Kumihimo. With some braids this is difficult to avoid as the shape of the stitches points the patterns in a certain direction, but we felt that this braid had so many possibilities we would try and find something different.
Here are some of the other patterns we considered before making our final choice (the images are links to the patterns on Marudai Painter).
Pastel pattern for "Hollow 16" braid   Red, white and black checquer pattern for "Hollow 16" braid   Bright colour pattern for "Hollow 16" braid

  One Response to “Hollow braid patterns”

  1. It is good fun but quite tricky coming up with a pattern that looks good and shows off the features of the braid. We’ve been using colour gradients quite a lot recently. They can be very good at showing up some of the large scale design possibilities in a braid.

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