Getting things finished

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Jan 272012

I seem to have several braiding projects that I have started and not finished. At the moment, I am still looking at Chrysanthemum braids on the disk, an experimental braid using some ideas from kongoh gumi, and some ideas for 10 thread flat braids.

They’ve all been interesting to work on, but haven’t quite made that final step to being ready to put on the website. There are any number of excuses I could give – I didn’t have the right threads available, one project was taking up my disk so I couldn’t use it for anything else, Christmas, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, I have lost the momentum on these projects and need something to help me get kickstarted into finishing something before I start something else.

If I am honest, starting and not finishing has tended to be a fault of mine for a long time. I have any number of cross stitch projects in the house that I started and didn’t finish – the one that I most want to finish is a Pooh Bear alphabet. I started it before my oldest child was born – 12 years ago. I was going to finish it and put it up in his bedroom, but I am not sure he would welcome it now! I was going really well at it, I loved the bright colour blocks, but I started getting backache, and that slowed me to a crawl, and then a stop. Then I was going to finish it for my next child – although they were born 10 years ago now. Hopefully I’ll finish it before I have any grandchildren. I have a few years yet for that :)