Braiding Study Group

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Apr 302014
There’s a set of forums at that has been running online kumihimo study groups. I joined because I want to take part in their “Structure Walkabout” study group. This is based on Jacqui Carey’s new book, “The Book of Braids: A new Approach to Creating Kumihimo”, and having a copy of this book is essential for taking part.

I haven’t been braiding much for a while, so I am hoping this group will be the stimulation I need to use the new book. I was excited to know it was coming, preordered it, have loved looking through it, and reading it, but, until the start of the Study Group, I had done no braiding from it.
Something else I haven’t done for a very long while is update this blog, so I thought I would try to write about the braids I make for the study group on here as well as putting the information and photos up in the groups private forums.
The study group has only just started, but there was also a warm-up assignment – a selection of 4 braids from Jacqui’s earlier book, “Creative Kumihimo” that I have also completed. The idea is that each of the 4 braids will help practice and get muscle memory for the moves needed for the study group proper. And if you don’t have “Creative Kumihimo”? Carol Franklin has also identified the braids in Makiko Tada’s marudai book, Jacqui Carey’s “Art of Kumihimo” (also published as “Beginners Guide to Braiding” and Rodrick Owen’s “Braids: 250 Patterns….” Since the study group is not intended for beginners to kumihimo, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect people to have AT LEAST one of those books in their collection (I have all except Beginner’s Guide, and I imagine most kumihimo enthusiasts will be the same).
The adventure has started…..