CDO, Braiding and me


I am Su Read, I live in the UK with my husband, Murray, and my three children A, J and B. Together, my husband and I work on Craft Design Online. He has done most of the programming of the design tools, and I have done most of the work on the web site. Although it was Murray’s Kongoh-gumi designer that started “CDO” off, and he still does lots of work for it, I tend to think of it as my project.

I started braiding on a “Friendship Wheel” given to B as a Christmas present. Murray wanted to make his own designs, and that was the start of the design program. Since we couldn’t find anything on the web that could do this, we decided to put it on a web site of our own. We had grand plans, but for the first few years, nothing much happened. Life got in the way. Then, I stopped my part time job, and we decided to use my freed time to get this web site towards what we had always intended.

I discovered that the friendship wheel was a kumihimo disk, kumihimo was Japanese braiding, marudais could make so many wonderful looking braids, and we have gone on from there.

One day, CDO may become more than braiding, but at the moment, there is still plenty for us to learn and create, and share with others.